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Create Attendee Connections With Art

Associations can create even deeper connections through art

In a recent issue of the magazine, I wrote about an art exhibit that the International Ombudsman Association (IOA) hosted at its annual conference. The idea came from a former board member who had attended Burning Man, an event that celebrates art and community, and was inspired by how many different ways there are to express and experience each other’s perspectives.

Knowing that people often attended the IOA annual conference to connect over shared experiences and that ombuds need to be creative when working with people and conflict, she wondered what it would look like to put that creativity in physical form.

With that in mind, ahead of the 2018 annual meeting, IOA asked attendees to think about a feeling or experience related to their work and to express it in a medium of their choosing, whether photography, sculpture, painting, music, or something else. They could then submit their piece, along with brief description, to IOA.

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