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Survey: Employees Appreciate Email Emojis

More women appreciate emoji for their friendlier tone

As Slack and other instant messaging platforms relax communications the workplace, it follows that emoji enter business language. This change is one among many induced by technology. "I can't [overstate] the significance of tech and digitization and how it has impacted engagement," Jim Link, CHRO of Randstad North America, previously told HR Dive in an interview. "That, to some people, may seem like casualness."

This is a change some workers may have been craving, recent research revealed. If they could change one thing about their jobs, workers would improve communication, after giving themselves pay bumps, of course, a Peakon study revealed last month. The report found communication promotes a sense of belonging and "paves the way for transparency, innovation and profitability." 

As the workplace becomes less formal in its communication style, other changes appear to follow, including the way HR functions, experts previously told HR Dive. HR professionals are known for sticking to the rules; after all, they make and must enforce the company's policies. But experts say that a more emboldened workforce, led by millennials and Gen Zers as advocates for change, might be forcing HR to relax some of policies and procedures.

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