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How 5G Will Change The Workplace

“Network slicing” will boost employee productivity

On the one hand, leading carriers like Sprint have launched 5G across major cities (Sprint’s coverage now includes Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City and a host of other regions). On the other hand, device manufacturers are also pushing the pedal on 5G compatibility. Launched last month, the new smartphone by global brand One Plus boasts 5G readiness – a feature that’ll be extremely useful as 5G networks become increasingly common. 

So, what is 5G, and how does it change our professional lives? Specifically, what are the impacts of 5G in the workplace? Let’s delver deeper. 

5G is the fifth generation of connectivity technology, bringing exponential improvements in speed and performance over the fourth generation or 4G. In some scenarios, 5G could be 100-times faster than 4G! 

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