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Daily Buzz: Tactics to Grow Your Email List

Build your audience with online tools

Email marketing is an incredibly effective way to reach your audience—that is, if anyone’s listening. If you need to grow your organization’s email list, there are several think-outside-the-box strategies to implement, said Sean Kosofsky on the Wild Apricot blog.

“Most small nonprofits are trying to tackle big things, and have big agendas,” he said. “But when you can only send emails to a tiny list of supporters, it can feel like you aren’t getting anywhere—especially since not everyone opens every email.”

Kosofsky offered these four tips to expand your following:

Network with LinkedIn. You can quickly turn your connections into an exported list of email addresses. Now you can reach out to a list of individuals who are already affiliated with you and are willing to associate with you online.

Create landing pages that entice people to join your mailing list. On the page should be a mixture of elements, including a description of what your organization has to offer.

Use lead magnets. In other words, offer a service or piece of content to the public in exchange for their email address. What should you offer? “A free download, a cheat sheet, tip sheet, workbook, infographic or a free 10-minute video course explaining something really useful related to your mission,” Kosofsky said.

Spread the word online. Once you have a landing page and lead magnet, ask any friendly organizations, nonprofits, businesses, or individuals to share your pages with their audiences.

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