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Getting Your Crisis Game On-point

Avoid these missteps

Today’s world is full of crises, whether in food, restaurant, sports, education or corporate America. As a regular ”Armchair Quarterback” (hazards of the PR business) when watching crises I’m not involved in unfold, I see some avoidable errors being made. I’ve highlighted below a few of the most common mistakes – and ways to correct them:

  1. Wait too long to respond – Not getting out early can make coming back from crisis a Herculean effort, especially in the world of online news and social media. Waiting creates a void that is filled – swiftly – by others, who likely will not represent your crisis the way you would. Try to engage within the “golden hour” – or the first 60 minutes. Playing catchup is difficult.
  2. Don’t put someone in charge – When everyone is in charge, no one is in charge, and that becomes readily apparent to your audience. It also creates disjointed messaging and decreases confidence. Have a crisis team and stick with it, and make sure everyone’s role is well defined.

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