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Why Cultural Fluency Leads To Stronger Teams

Associations can build stronger, more innovative teams through diversity

The modern workforce includes diverse teams, and for associations to thrive, they must help those people work together in ways the make the most of everyone’s talents, said Jane Hyun, a global leadership strategist who gave Monday morning’s opening keynote at ASAE’s Associations @ Work Business Conference.

“It is our job to figure out how do we leverage these differences in our organization,” said Hyun, who is also author of Flex: The New Playbook for Managing Across Differences. “How do we make full use of them? And then [how do we] make the full impact so we can get the value out of all the talent in the room?”

While diverse teams have the potential to leapfrog homogenous teams in terms of innovation and productivity, those teams must be managed properly for that to happen.

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