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Why Sabbaticals Can be Good for Businesses

Extended breaks ultimately reward everyone

On Facebook this week, one of my friends posted a meme joking that "adulthood is just saying 'after this week things will slow down again' to yourself until you die." I chuckled because it's true. 

Adulthood can feel like an endless treadmill turned up a little too fast, and most of us have longed to jump off every once in awhile (or when the burnout is bad nearly every damn day). The stories of the many, diverse professionals who swear that taking a sabbatical has rebooted their lives show that for more people than you'd imagine, a sabbatical isn't a daydream but a real way to finally slow down and get a little perspective. 

You're less indispensable than you think, and that's a good thing. 
Let's be clear from the start. Not everyone is in a financial or logistical place where an extended period of time off is possible. If you're struggling to pay the rent or have two kids in grade school, that might be impossible at this moment in your life. (Though stories of people who managed to travel the world on tiny budgets and even with infants in tow show that for the extremely determined, where there's a will there's a way). 

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