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Three Lessons Every Leader Can Learn From Their 20-something Employees

The best advice often comes from perspective

Running a team comes with challenges that even the most experienced leaders may not know how to overcome. We all need advice from time to time, but finding the right sounding board can be a challenge all on its own. So instead of trying to track down a mentor or board member, think about going to an unlikely source: your youngest employees. 

When looking for new ways to approach an issue, leaning from your 20-something staff can become an effective way to devise fresh ideas that even you may not have previously considered. Similarly, there's a chance that these Gen Z's may even become your most trusted talent.

Hear me out. I'm no stranger to the entitled 20-something. We've all dealt with that entry-level employee who thinks they're qualified enough to earn a CEO's corner office and six-figure salary immediately after graduating college.

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