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Maximize Employee Engagement to Grow Your Bottom Line

There exists much value when employees bring their whole selves to work

For decades, corporate America has dissociated personal and professional lives. Mental energy has been treated as a zero sum game—if you’re spending time and energy thinking about or prioritizing your personal life, you must be slacking off on professional deliverables.

However, this attitude is increasingly anachronistic as companies see the bottom-line value of employees bringing their whole selves to work. Often, the roadblocks stopping employees from doing their best work aren’t within the walls of the office.

But knowing the potential value of this culture and actually executing it are two very different things—valuing 100 percent of an employee isn’t easy. Knowing this, we set out a decade ago to find a way we could make it work, to make an intentional, replicable approach to employee fulfillment and measure its success against our bottom line.

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