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The Real Reason You’re Losing Your Top Talent

Today's employees desire to feel appreciated and motivated

The executive of a Fortune 100 tech company recently confided in me about being “burnt out” and “looking” for his next opportunity with less stress and greater flexibility. Although he didn’t explicitly say so, I could hear that what he was really looking for was a company with a non-financial “personalized incentive plan.”

What is Personalized Incentivization?
Take a peek at your human resources data and you will find the answer. There are two generations, Millennials and Generation Z cohorts, already in your workforce or poised to enter it. They are coming with demands: They need to matter. They seek mentoring and coaching. They want personalized professional development and rewards that align with individual preferences.

Why are they different? They’re not really. They are simply voicing what everyone their senior has not said out loud, but has acted upon when wronged: “Incentivize my professional curiosities, appreciate me as a person—or I’m leaving.”

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