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The Cybersecurity Awareness Gap Doesn’t Look Like You’d Expect

Don’t assume younger employees think about cybersecurity

Younger employees have been working with technology all their lives, so they should be savvy about cybersecurity, right?

Not necessarily, according to a recent study from NTT, a global technology services and telecom firm based in Japan. That finding has implications for organizations, including associations, that store and handle lots of institutional information, member and customer data, and sensitive financial records in digital form.

In “Meeting the Expectations of a New Generation,”which summarizes NTT research, the firm reports that employees under age 30 have “profoundly different attitudes towards cybersecurity,” emphasizing flexibility and productivity. Older employees have a stronger handle on cybersecurity practices—particularly in Norway and Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States. (Overall, the most cyber-savvy nation is France, where a government program raised awareness of cybersecurity issues among students who are now in the workforce.)

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