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Influencer Nation

Eighty-six percent of young Americans want to become one

Social-media influencing has become such a part of life for young Americans that an overwhelming majority say they are interested in getting paid to promote products on sites such as Instagram and YouTube.

No less than 86 percent of people ages 13 to 38 are willing to try out influencing, according to a survey from Morning Consult. But only 12 percent currently consider themselves to be influencers. Add in that advertisers are desperate to find ways to connect with a cohort that spends less time watching television and more time on social-media feeds, where there is plenty of room for growth.

There’s little reason to see why this will slow down, according to the survey. This group already trusts influencers more than celebrities and athletes and more than half have made a purchase based on a recommendation from someone in their feed.

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