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No Deal on Government Funding as Thursday Shutdown Looms

Several issues are ensnaring a short-term spending fix

House and Senate leaders were unable to reach a deal on a short-term spending deal this weekend as a government shutdown looms on Thursday, according to aides in both chambers.

While neither the White House nor congressional leaders believe a shutdown will occur — especially as House Democrats move forward with an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump — nearly two months into the new government fiscal year, no progress has been made on any of the 12 annual spending bills. And this comes despite a highly touted budget agreement hammered out between the White House and Congress this summer.

Senior members of the House and Senate appropriations panels had been hopeful that a deal on subcommittee allocations for the 12 individual spending bills would emerge over the weekend, which could be announced alongside the text of a stopgap spending package on Monday. That short-term continuing resolution would last until Dec. 20, congressional leaders have announced.

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