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Give Your Members What They Need at Every Stage

Members’ needs change as their careers evolve

A professional might turn to an association for help for a variety of reasons—he or she might be looking for a new job, a networking event, an industry conference, professional learning, or a certification. But can you predict what that member might need even before the person asks for help?

A new Member Engagement and Loyalty Study released last week by the cloud-based software provider Community Brands suggests that associations can anticipate member needs if they focus on specific stages in their members’ career journey—and then design and engagement strategy that aligns with them.

According to the study, members who are at the beginning of their career are much more likely to engage with their association, but they’re less likely to renew—45 percent of early-career members surveyed said they’re “very likely to renew,” compared to 53 percent of mid-career members and 61 percent of late-career members.

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