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Running Your Own Race in a Crowded Space

To be transformative company, block out the noise

Before the Great Recession, the financial industry seemed impenetrable. Today, there are an incredible amount of new businesses that have disrupted the space and taken on the Goliaths, succeeding in what was once seen as mission impossible.

The truth is, regardless of your industry, you can successfully run your own race in a crowded space. But to be a transformative company, you have to shut out the noise and focus relentlessly on your core mission—a mission that everyone in the company should understand and buy into. In our case, it’s about transforming financial lives through the combination of technology and people.

Over the past ten years, our company has grown from hiring its first employee to eclipsing $11 billion in assets under management in one of the most vast and competitive industries out there. It isn’t easy taking on both hundred-year-old firms and hungry, well-capitalized startups, but it is possible. 

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