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Daily Buzz: Tips to Bring In More Chapter Volunteers

Develop your recruitment strategy to drive chapter engagement

Every chapter gets by with a little help from its volunteers. If your chapter is in low supply, try these volunteer recruitment strategies from Peggy M. Hoffman and the YourMembership blog:

Build a team dedicated to improving the volunteer pool. “You can call it the membership engagement team, welcome team, or the talent council,” Hoffman said. Whatever the name, use this team to “seek ‘talent’ (aka volunteers) and match them to cool opportunities (aka jobs).” Consider interviewing members to learn more about their skills and preferences.

Try microvolunteering. Members are busy and might not have the time to commit to a long-term volunteer program. “Micro-volunteering is small, bite-sized volunteer opportunities that can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to complete,” Hoffman said.

Make it easy for members to raise their hands. If members don’t know volunteer opportunities exist, they can’t sign up. Get the word out about volunteer activities, and then give them an easy way to sign up.

Highlight volunteering’s member value. “Your volunteer messaging is more successful when it’s specific and inspiring,” Hoffman said. “Paint a picture of what the volunteer role is along with the desired outcomes. Sell the value of volunteering and give your members a compelling list of benefits.”

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