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Infintech's New Mobile Processing Solution Benefits Small Merchants

The solution was designed to help merchants accept on-the-go payments

Since 2011, Square has been able to make it easy for merchants to accept credit card payments. And they have offered a simple pricing structure for its payment processing services no matter how large or small the transaction.

But their approach to pricing is changing. According to, Square just made a substantial change to its pricing on Nov. 1, 2019. Square has moved all its existing merchants to a new pricing structure and new merchant sign-ups will incur that pricing. The new pricing plan affects dipped, swiped and contact-less purchases on the Square POS app.

Small Merchants Now Have a Different Flat-Rate Pricing Option

For businesses that have less than $50,000 in annual Visa, Mastercard and Discover processing volume, Infintech offers a new mobile processing solution that is simple to understand and makes budgeting easy for merchants. Infintech’s mobile-POS solution is ideal for small businesses that need to accept payments using a personal mobile device like an Android or iOS phone or tablet. Infintech leverages Vital’s Bluetooth-enabled, mag-stripe and chip reader designed to help merchants accept payments on the go.

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