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Daily Buzz: How to Speed Up Decision Making

Implementing change shouldn't take forever

Implementing a big organizational decision comes with a lot of strategic research and, often enough, bureaucracy—which can make the decision-making process lengthy. If your association is looking to make a change faster than the process currently allows, you may need to take a step back and look at the decision-making structure itself.

“Does your association have a convoluted ladder that requires decisions get OK’d by top brass? Then it might be time to shake things up,” says Chelsea Brasted on Association Success. “Instead, put the power into the hands of the people who actually know the material best.”

But beyond structure, you also need to cultivate a culture where teams feel empowered to make decisions. Brasted says that starts with recruiting employees who fit within the environment you’re trying to build.

“You wouldn’t want to bring someone into the mix who doesn’t want that a role-based decision making environment,” she says. “It’s about culture fit.”

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