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Five Tenets for Transforming Into Your ‘Best Self’

You must mentally prepare for improvement

I believe that your journey of life is different than anyone else’s. There are, however, some fundamental tools that have proven time and again to be essential to a successful experience with the Best Self Model. These tools, which I have come to call the five tenets for change, help us prepare ourselves mentally for the process we’ll be undergoing.

Curiosity simply means “a strong desire to know or learn something.” If you’ve stopped being curious, you can’t explore yourself. I know it’s sometimes scary digging deep, peeling back those layers, brushing the dust off something that’s been sitting there, planted in your psyche for decades, insidiously growing roots. But by shining light on the dark corners of your mind and heart, you’ll see that whatever is there isn’t nearly as scary as it seemed, and you’ll start to take your power back in ways you never thought possible.

When we think of the curiosity of children, it conjures images of kids running their hands through sand and gazing as it falls through their fingers or watching with wonder as a flock of birds takes off in flight or squealing in delight as they splash in a bubble bath. This is experiential learning; they are understanding the world around them using all of their senses, and this is the type of curiosity I want you to engage in, as specifically applied to yourself.

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