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Malicious Attacks Are on the Rise

Cyber threats are coming from every direction

There has been a measurable uptick in malicious cyber activity globally, and what’s most concerning is that more than half of organizations are reporting that they either have no plans to thwart an attack, have never tested their plans or do not feel their plans are capable of protecting them, or have not updated their plans in over a year. And malicious cyber attacks are coming from every direction.

Software Updates
It’s not just the big threats of Windows 7 end-of-support that put your IT infrastructure at risk – it’s patching in general. If your IT department is understaffed or nonexistent, patching is one of the things that often gets postponed. But it’s important to realize that those patches function much like locks on the back doors of your network.

Apps – Both IOS and Google
Both Google and Apple have a high success rate with app security, but they are not flawless. Recently, Google disabled seven apps that were found to have undetected malware embedded in them. If your employees use their personal devices to access your network, be sure you have strict policies in place for securing those devices. And check your own phone, too: delete unused apps, set apps to update automatically, and secure your phone with threat detection and biometric (fingerprint or face recognition) access.

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