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Ask The Chefs: 2019 Lessons Learned

What you learned in 2019 should change your 2020 behaviors

No matter who we are or what we do, learning only comes when we’re open to change. What are your lessons learned? Lessons can be big or small, personal or professional, but one thing is sure. Change starts with each of us, individually.

As a final topic for 2019, we asked the chefs: What did you learn in 2019 and how do you plan to apply it?

Alice Meadows: What I learned this year was less something new and more a reminder of something I already know — and tell other people all the time – but hadn’t really thought about myself for a while. And that’s the value of, for want of a better word, networking. I don’t mean the transactional “you help me I’ll help you” kind of networking, or the “I need to get myself out there so people know who I am” kind. I’m talking about the value of real relationship-building, of nurturing and being nurtured by the people in your professional community.

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