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Four HR Trends to Watch Next Year

Don’t get caught off guard

The work of the HR department is changing significantly as we enter the third decade of the 21st century. Don’t get caught off guard—make sure you’re tracking these HR trends for the year ahead.

Marketing gets a starring role in recruitment. You may already use content marketing to draw in new members or meeting attendees, but what about for attracting new employees? That’s the idea behind recruitment marketing, according to SkillPath Senior Vice President of Human Resources Greg Furstner, writing in Forbes this week. In fact, he argued, it’s an imperative. “Those who fall behind in using digital and social [recruitment] strategies will not only be left behind, but they also will put their employers at a disadvantage when competing for talent,” he wrote.

AI and human talent get acquainted. “2020 will be the year when human employees and AI-powered machines begin collaborating on day-to-day work across industries on an unprecedented scale,” the HR firm Ranstad said in a news release. “It will also be the year companies find ways to derive meaningful value from it by synthesizing the insights AI provides and building a talent base that can support getting value out of AI.”

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