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Daily Buzz: Learn from a Giving Tuesday Flop

It might be time to reevaluate your strategy

Nonprofits raised almost $2 billion this year on Giving Tuesday. Did your organization reach its goal? If not, it’s time for an evaluation, says Julia Campbell on Nonprofit Marketing Guide. Campbell offers three reasons why your Giving Tuesday campaign may not have performed as you’d hoped:

  1. You didn’t engage your community before Giving Tuesday. Successful campaigns begin weeks and even months in advance, Campbell says. It takes time to “prime the pump—to build trust, convey [the campaign’s] impact, and share compelling stories and other helpful information to get the audience excited and ready to go.”
  2. You make it difficult to give. Examine your online donation process. Ask yourself: Was it too cumbersome? What did your landing page look like? Did you leverage Facebook’s charitable giving tools or send people to an outside website? “On a day like Giving Tuesday with many demands for your donors’ dollars and attention, the process to make a donation has to be quick and seamless,” Campbell says.
  3. Your messaging was off. It’s important to explain where the money will go and offer a timely, relevant, and compelling reason to donate.

“Don’t wait until December to communicate with donors. Start planning for next year now and be sure to communicate with your donors throughout the year,” Campbell says. “Thank them, share stories of impact, and be sure to ask them what they want to hear from you.”

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