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Is Your Job Industry Thriving or Dying?

This chart will tell you

When exactly did the tech boom start? Growth in that sector has been so steep since 1990 that statistician Nathan Yau very scientifically summed it up with the giddy excitement of a kid boarding a roller coaster that hasn’t dropped yet: “Heeeerrrrrrrrrrre weeee goooooooooo!”

But not every sector has been on the same ride, according to a chart by Yau, which graphs data on occupational job growth and decline from the American Community Survey and the Decennial Census since 1970.

The line graph plots the growth and decline of 24 different sectors, ranging from—yes—computer and math, to art and design, social services, farming and fishing, and everything in between, over the past half-century. According to the graph, the computer and math sector outpaced the growth rate of the next fastest-growing sector, business and operations, in the early 1990s. Overall, computer and math collectively has grown a whopping 544 percent since 1970. (Business and operations grew 293 percent during that same period.)

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