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Rest This Holiday Season

Your leadership skills will thank you

Face it: Demands on leaders can be never-ending, and organizational overload is a troubling fact of today’s business culture. People are rushed and overwhelmed, trying to do more than they can. Too often, this causes more mistakes, more conflict, more work.

When people are overloaded, the natural tendency is to try to do more on less rest. But what if I told you the secret to resetting, refocusing and restoring is stopping? Holiday time is outstanding for initiating a practice of stopping work completely.  It is a time to step away from work to recover joy and deep purpose. 

Stopping entirely for an off-the-clock, off-the-hook break can seem risky and counterproductive. An executive I once coached, who was under immense pressure to work through the weekend in order to plan a retreat, chose instead to take a break and spend time with her family, hiking out in nature. She was able to put aside work stresses and deeply replenish herself.

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