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Study: More Nonprofits to Implement Raises in 2020

Bonuses are expected across the board

It’s not just the executives getting access to big raises in the new year—the support staff might get a bonus, too.

A new report from PNP Staffing Group, focused on the Washington, DC, area, shows that 4 in 5 nonprofits expect to offer at least cost-of-living raises to their employees this year, while 55 percent expect to offer merit increases to their workers.

And while such salary increases have favored leadership in prior years—and, with 59 percent of nonprofits planning more substantial salary increases for executives, leaders are still at the top of the food chain, admittedly—higher wages are also expected to go to those involved in running the nonprofit program (49 percent), administrative and support staff (43 percent), and the finance team (38 percent).

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