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Daily Buzz: Give Meeting Attendees What They Want

Use event crowd-sourcing to create your meeting agenda

A great conference program provides attendees with many options, but it doesn’t throw too many meeting sessions at them either. How do you find a balance and cover the right topics? Use event crowd-sourcing.

“Event crowd-sourcing allows participants to create the sessions that they actually want and need,” said Adrian Segar of Conferences That Work.

Segar, a meetings designer and facilitator, argues that this strategy avoids the two biggest pitfalls of traditional meetings: not including the sessions that attendees are interested in, and overwhelming attendees with too many choices crammed into an exhausting schedule.

“Every session created this way is virtually guaranteed to be of interest to attendees because they chose them earlier in the event,” he says. “Participants love being actively involved in choosing what they want to learn and discuss, and they typically uncover great session topics that were not on anyone’s radar before the event.”

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