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Daily Buzz: How to Make Your Presenters Presentable

How to get your conference speakers ready

Delivering quality presentations will always be a challenge, but organizations should do a better job preparing their speakers, said Dave Lutz, managing director of Velvet Chainsaw.

Several strategies can help you ensure a proficient performance from your presenters. Session-planning calls can be the most effective way to prepare speakers, Lutz said, and they should be about more than logistics. Use them to assess the presenter’s commitment to delivering a quality session, understanding the audience, and making the content relevant or provocative.

Organizations could also beef up their speaker portals and provide resources that will help presenters improve.

“Curate or create short videos or links to resources that cover such topics as writing winning session proposals, PowerPoint and image best practices, copyrights do’s and don’ts, attracting attendance to your session, livestreaming presentation tips, and incorporating audience response systems,” Lutz said.

He noted the preparation process should vary depending on each speaker’s experience.

“For your most trusted presenters, you may have a brief conference call and be soft on deadlines. Conversely, rookie speakers would require that you schedule several calls and be more of a stickler on deadlines.”

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