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Follow The Timeless Wisdom Of “The Rule Of Three”

This helps bring clarity and order to planning

Two thousand years ago, “I came, I saw, I conquered” came from Julius Caesar of Rome. Two hundred years ago, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” came from the U.S. Declaration of Independence. Today, people in large parts of the world start an event, such as a race, with “Ready, Set, Go!”

Why? Because the human brain is wired to process information in patterns, and the smallest, most easily memorized and most easily repeated pattern is a pattern of three elements. This makes the “Rule-of-Threes” a component of the toolkit for most executives, especially CEOs.

In my present role as board member and chairman of two companies, as well as in past roles as chairman and/or CEO of six companies—one large, one small and two mid-size—I’ve used this Rule-of-Threes to help bring clarity and order, even as the world becomes increasingly complex and turbulent.

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