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You've Been Thinking About Disruption All Wrong

Here's what it actually looks like

Disruption is the holy grail in the startup world. It's an entire discipline in business school. Figuring out how you'll disrupt your industry is seen as key in devising a business plan, and communicating how you'll disrupt your industry is something most founders obsess over when they're preparing to go in front of investors. 

But what if we're thinking about disruption the wrong way? That's the message of Charlene Li's new book, The Disruption Mindset: Why Some Organizations Fail While Others Transform.

Li is the author of several transformative books on leadership and business, including the New York Times-bestselling Open Leadership and The Engaged Leader. In her latest book, she shares stories from businesses that have successfully transformed, as well as busts some of the myths that have distorted what we think disruption should, or does, look like. 

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