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The New Microsoft Office Feature For Which No One Asked

Get ready to be redirected to Bing

Tech throwbacks are far from uncommon things these days (we just went through a solid week of reminiscing about the now 10-year-old iPad) but sometimes, the throwbacks aren’t always good things for the industry.

Recently, Microsoft—which has been earning general plaudits for its updated Edge browser—did something that angered a whole bunch of its digital stalwarts. To put it simply, the company announced that for users of its Office 365 ProPlus plan (common in many offices, especially smaller ones), it would automatically install an extension to Google Chrome that would default users to Microsoft’s Bing, a search engine that has long maintained an also-ran status in pretty much every use case in which it’s offered.

While users can switch their search engine back to Google, the extension installation can only be disabled at the enterprise level. Per Inc., uninstalling the extension from Chrome is harder than basically any other Chrome extension, requiring a trip to the Windows Control Panel.

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