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Nonpartisan Business Coalitions Pledge to Boost Voter Turnout

Several major coalitions are working to get out the vote in 2020

As primary season kicks into high gear—despite fits and starts—so, too, does a message that has wide support: Broad participation in elections is good for democracy.

A number of coalitions are ramping up their civic engagement initiatives, many with prominent corporate participants. Recently, the nonprofit Democracy Works announced that its new coalition, the Civic Alliance, has secured commitments from companies as diverse as health insurers (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota), cable TV networks (MTV), film production companies (Bad Robot), coffee chains (Starbucks), tech giants (Snapchat) and even a well-known craft brewer (Magic Hat). The alliance says its mission is to encourage people to vote, take part in the 2020 census, and follow through on other civic duties.

At the center of the campaign is the CAA Foundation, the nonprofit arm of the well-known Hollywood talent agency. In a statement, CAA President Richard Lovett touted the diversity of brands taking part.

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