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Brave New World, Brave New Business Models

How to navigate the changing landscape

Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Initiative on the Digital Economy and a Principal Research Scientist at the MIT Sloan School of Management, McAfee has done as much as anyone over the past decade to reshape the way businesspeople think about technology and its impact on the future. In now-classic business books such as The Second Machine Age and Machine, Platform, Crowd, he outlined— with uncanny accuracy—the way new technologies would come to dominate and reshape business, while offering practical advice about how to take advantage of the opportunity.

This May 7 & 8, McAfee will keynote our 2nd annual Disruptive Technology Bootcamp in Cambridge, Mass, an intense, interactive 2-day workshop—featuring some of the top minds at MIT—specifically crafted for directors looking to master the new business models reshaping the global economy (See agenda).

In his latest book, More From Less, he makes a penetrating case for capitalism as a force for good and explains the critical role business is playing—and will play—in improving people’s lives. In this special, extended-length conversation, Corporate Board Member talks with McAfee about why he’s so bullish on the present—and the future—and explains where directors must focus on in the boardroom right now. Here’s part one of our interview:

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