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Report: Enterprise Email Security Often Leaves the Door Open to Attacks

The most prominent email providers struggle to detect, block new malware

You may have software on your servers or your employees’ machines that is designed to catch malware hitting their inboxes. But by no means should you assume that’s the case anymore.

These tools often have significant blind spots that fail to detect problems immediately, according to a new report from the digital security firm BitDam. Unknown Threats: The Achilles Heel of Email Security reports that major enterprise email tools have a “miss rate” as high as 40 percent when an attack first hits, and can take up to 48 hours to defend against such an attack from the time it’s first detected.

“This detection gap means that enterprises are continually unprotected against unknown threats, allowing successful ransomware, phishing, and data breaches,” the company states in the report. “We describe the root cause of this inherent limitation of email security systems and suggest threat-agnostic protection technologies (that do not require knowledge about threats) as an effective remedy.”

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