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Daily Buzz: Help Employees Achieve Work-life Fulfillment

Make them realize it's about integration, establishing rules

Want to better retain employees and improve their well-being? Cultivate a leadership style that promotes a healthy work-life balance. “Great leaders want to achieve exceptional performance, but they also want their employees to have a positive experience and fulfillment in their work-life,” says Tracy Brower in Fast Company.

Leaders can help employees achieve work-life fulfillment in several ways. For one, they should provide workers with choice, Brower argues. Since people need different things at different times when it comes to balancing work and life, employees should have some say in when they work, where they work, and how they work. That way, they have time to address their personal responsibilities.

Transparency is also essential. “Openness, trust, and liberal sharing of information are the lifeblood of healthy organizational cultures and thriving teams,” Brower says. “When [employees] have access to crucial information, they can be more proactive, innovative, and effective in their roles.”

Leaders should also recognize their employees’ good work. “When people feel valued for their work, it contributes to their sense of work-life fulfillment,” Brower says. “Feedback and recognition from leaders and colleagues fuel the experience of feeling valued.”

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