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Four Caveats to Consider Before You Talk Politics at Work

It’s natural for conflicting opinions to crop up among staff

Given today’s political climate, and given that associations’ own advocacy work usually takes place in the political realm, it’s natural for conflicting opinions to crop up among staff. Occasionally, they may flare into heated disagreement that can cause plenty of headaches for both employees and their organizations.

With the political primary season in full swing, take care before you share your hot take or start canvassing the office for your favorite candidate.  Keep these caveats in mind to help you keep political conversations respectful and enlightening.

People say they don’t want to talk politics at work—then do it anyway. In a recent study by the employee review site Glassdoor, 60 percent of workers said they find talking politics in the office unacceptable, and another 60 percent worry that talking politics could harm career opportunities. Even so, 57 percent of employees say they do so. The survey revealed strong political animosity among some employees, with nearly one in four Republicans and Democrats alike saying they would not want to work with someone who votes for a presidential candidate they don’t like.

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