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Daily Buzz: Empower Employees to Advance Their Careers

How organizations can support employees on their paths to success

Want more engaged and productive employees? Assist them in their career development efforts, writes Maria Haggerty in Inc.

“Personalized career development should be prioritized for all employees,” Haggerty said. “Encourage them to identify goals, then present them with tools and opportunities to help them develop a path to reaching them.”

First, help employees build a road map to success. A career map—a written plan that charts a person’s career status, goals, and the steps needed to get to the next level—can help solidify an employee’s future. Once a career map is created, leaders should meet with employees regularly to assess their progress.

“Creating a plan is a crucial step in combating job dissatisfaction, lower engagement and productivity, and attrition—all of which are bad for your business,” Haggerty said.

Organizations should also support employees in their quest to learn new skills and expand their industry knowledge, even if they want to do it out of the office.

“If an employee expresses interest in acquiring external knowledge that will help him or her achieve a goal, do what you can to provide support,” Haggerty said. Offer recommendations on local conferences, industry events, certification programs, and training sessions that they can take advantage of.

“The key is to pave the way, then step back and let the employee take charge of his or her own development,” Haggerty said. “Make it clear that your role is one of guidance and support.”

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