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What Associations Can Borrow From the No-code Trend

Graphical website-building tools could be beneficial to associations

I’m a pretty tech-savvy guy who knows his way around NPM, Sass, GitHub, and the terminal. So I’m fully aware that it’s become harder to try out a new idea on its own merits—especially for people less technical than me.

The increasing sophistication of many programming tools—for example, the growth of JavaScript into a full-fledged programming language on the back end, and the variety of tactics used to optimize website load—have put ambitious ideas out of the reach of tinkerers. In many ways, online creation without the help of a command line is becoming harder than ever.

This is unfortunate for a few reasons, including that it forces developer resources on even the simplest tasks. Despite the cries that everyone should “learn to code,” it leaves out a lot of organizations who aren’t asking for anything too complex.

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