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Daily Buzz: The Right Way to Use Online Collaboration Tools

Key finding: Consolidate your messages to avoid disruptions

With the rise of workplace messaging apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams, today’s workers are doing much of their collaborating online. But since they’re relatively new, proper etiquette on these platforms may be a little fuzzy.

“Do you text your boss like you would your friends, or are you supposed to be strictly professional?” asks Allana Akhtar on Business Insider. To answer such questions, Akhtar consulted with experts about the right ways to communicate when using online collaboration tools.

Group messaging apps provide a great opportunity to compliment coworkers and share their achievements with the rest of the team, Akhtar suggests. Not only will this boost morale, but you’ll probably get recognition from higher-ups.

“These spaces allow low-level to senior execs to collaborate—meaning if you highlight an accomplishment, management will take note,” Akhtar says.

In your messages, stay away from slang and acronyms. Common acronyms contain swear words, and some slang terms might be too new or specific to your region for others to understand. Also, avoid bombarding coworkers with an endless stream of notifications.

“While collaboration can make for creative ideas, too much interaction can keep you from actually working,” Akhtar says. Instead of sending five short messages, consolidate your point into one message to limit disruptions.

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