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How to Embrace Flexible Work Policies

Make the option work for your organization

It's no secret: I'm a big advocate of flexible workplace policies. As the mother of four little girls and the founder of a company with employees across the country, I believe that it's both smart and sometimes necessary to give employees options.

Geographic and temporal flexibility goes a long way particularly in helping working parents and caregivers. In fact, the lack of flexible work options is one of the primary reasons I left corporate America.

I lasted less than three years as a mother in an office environment that required me to be at my desk eight hours a day, every day. Why? Because rigid work hours and location-dependent policies are detrimental to those who bear caregiving responsibilities (and to those who breastfeed, for that matter). I argue it's one of the thousand paper cuts that cause 43 percent of highly educated women to leave their jobs after becoming mothers. Flexible work is a saving grace to working caregivers, the vast majority of whom are women.

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