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How to Keep Your Association Running if Coronavirus Worsens

Some key areas to focus on include policies and procedures

If you ever wondered why you should develop a business continuity plan, coronavirus has supplied an answer.

With the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) making news daily and fears growing that the deadly virus could spread widely in the U.S., it’s important for associations to have business continuity plans in place, experts say.

Bob Mellinger, CBCV, founder and CEO of Attainium, a company that helps organizations with business continuity planning, said preparing for coronavirus is just like preparing for any other infectious disease. “I would like to see people not get caught up in the hype,” he said. “It’s an infectious disease, just like the flu or any other.” If your association already has plans in place for responding to a flu epidemic, that’s a good place to start when planning for COVID-19.

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