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Clean Your Smartphone the Right Way

Safely disinfect it and the rest of your gear

It’s always a good idea to maintain good hygiene, but especially so in the midst of the ongoing spread of COVID-19. But while you’re hopefully already washing your hands—and not touching your face—make sure to extend those efforts to the phones, tablets, and laptops you handle every day.

The science shows that bacteria are very happy breeding on computer keyboards and smartphone screens, particularly when they're used by more than one person. And viruses can cling to glass surfaces for up to 96 hours, multiple days’ worth of potential infection. So whether you want to minimize your risk of coronavirus, the flu, or a bacterial infection, some regular cleaning is advised.

Indeed, some of the most dangerous bugs have been found on the plastic and glass surfaces of smartphones. From there they can make their way to your fingers, your face, your desk, the local restaurant and all the other places you lay your phone. So, just about everywhere.

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