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How to Lead Remote Employees in The Wake of Coronavirus

Workplace unsettled-ness is inching upward

As of this writing, the World Health Organization (WHO) hasn’t declared COVID-19 (aka: coronavirus) a pandemic, but the likelihood grows by the hour. Whether or not it receives such a distinction is irrelevant. Organizations will soon grapple with the inevitability that the way work is performed might drastically change.

The potentiality of some form of workplace unsettledness is inching upward. Supply chains could be disrupted, and operational delays might become a reality. We’ve already seen major conferences and events cancelled as well as training sessions postponed.

Workers may be (rightfully) psychologically freaked out to be at work should the virus break out in your city. If it does, the very nature of day-to-day operations will change, at least until health officials, medical professionals and government leaders sort out containment measures, treatment plans and a vaccine.

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