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Goal Crushers

Consider these thoughtful insights from OSAE Member Brian Wagner

What’s the one thing that all leaders have in common? They all have blindspots.
How can you avoid blindspots crushing your goals?
For starters, start with asking your team three simple questions. When they answer them, encourage them to take their time and think about their answer. Is that a totally honest answer? Without the complete truth, your time to “recovery” will be impeded.
  1. What’s holding you back from the next level of success?
    When surveyed, the majority of employees say that something is holding them back. It matters because these employees will be the first to consider leaving the company. They will drastically impact your turnover rate. To get around the feeling of being held back, you can set some realistic goals with the help of a mentor. Then make those goals part of your personal objectives. These will be great personal development opportunities.

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