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The Best Ways Leaders Quiet Mind Chatter

No. 1: Make time for yourself

On average, each us has around 50,000 different thoughts a day—and some have many more. Thinking is an important part of being a good leader, but knowing how to control and quiet your thoughts is important in preventing stress and mental exhaustion. Knowing how to quiet mind chatter is a valuable skill—and one that’s often overlooked. Here’s what top leaders do:

Make time to check out. Engage every day in a time of meditation, prayer or deep breathing, and develop shorter techniques to help you anytime the chatter becomes overwhelming. Great leaders know that their mind is their most important asset, and keeping it healthy and strong it is essential. Part of that is practicing a time of stillness.

Quiet the mind with concentrated focus. Many people find that focus is the only cure for a chattering mind. It’s almost impossible to think about two things at the same time. Great leaders conquer overthinking and mind chatter with focused thought and action.

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