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How to Reap the Benefits of a Podcast Without Producing It

Provide the advantages of a podcast without monopolizing staff hours

Podcasting has become a popular medium for associations to communicate with members and the public. However, creating a quality one can be a time-consuming task, which the International Parking and Mobility Institute realized when it began exploring the idea last year.

“By the time you identify the guest, come up with questions, edit it, upload it, it’s a fairly large investment in time to do the kind of podcast we wanted to do,” said Kim Fernandez, IPMI’s director of publications. “We were going to have to stop doing something else. When we looked at what we were willing to stop doing, the answer was, there wasn’t anything.”

The timing of when IPMI was exploring a podcast was fortuitous, because several new industry podcasts had popped up. One of those programs was hosted by a highly involved IPMI member, and that’s when the group had an epiphany.

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