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An Engaging Conversation Platform is the Cornerstone of This AI Research Summit

Understanding the ingredients that make events memorable

News, trends and industry insights are the keystones of successful business events, but according to a 2019 WARC study, to deliver the “wow factor” that creates positive feelings that stay with attendees long after everyone goes home, meeting planners need to engage association members’ emotions as much as their minds.

Inspired Minds, a UK-based global tech and science strategy group devoted to making Artificial Intelligence available to all economic groups, countries and cultures, understands this and is taking action. Their cornerstone event, World Summit AI Americas 2020, was hosted in Montréal, Canada, where 11,000 students and more than 300 researchers and doctoral students involved in AI-related fields represent the world’s largest concentration of academic research in deep learning. The conference promised that attendees will take part in “difficult conversations that others are afraid to have” and experience hands-on interaction with mind-boggling technology and workshops.

Sarah Porter, founder and CEO of Inspired Minds, explains the ingredients that make a business event memorable, from the speaker lineup to the discussion topics to an inspiring setting like Montréal, Canada.

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