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Daily Buzz: Make Mobile Onboarding Easy

The process must be seamless for mobile users

When introducing potential members to your organization, making a good first impression is crucial. That’s why the onboarding process needs to be seamless for mobile users.

“The onboarding process is one critically important area as it’s the very beginning stages of their relationship with your brand,” said Marlene Wolfgruber, director of product marketing at ABBYY, on CMS Wire. “Mobile onboarding in particular allows for a more convenient and frictionless experience—when implemented strategically and effectively.”

There are a few things you need to do to create a smooth mobile onboarding experience. One, make the process short and sweet.

“Mobile applications for onboarding can be a major source of frustration for customers,” Wolfgruber said. “In the financial services and banking industry, research found that two out of every five customers abandoned bank applications after starting the process. About 40 percent of these abandonments were caused by length of time.”

It’s not just about time: Don’t force users to type too much when they’re getting started. Registration and application forms shouldn’t be overly complex. “Asking customers to fill in numerous and complicated fields can act as a significant barrier for onboarding customer information,” Wolfgruber said.

Also, be careful when asking users to download a native app. Native apps have their uses, Wolfgruber said, but timing is important.

“Requiring a new customer to install a dedicated app to complete the initial process can cause early drop-outs—especially if this presents itself during the evaluation or trial phase of the journey.”

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