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Gov. Mike DeWine Announces Indefinite Closure of Ohio's Bars and Restaurants

They can stay open for carryout and delivery

Gov. Mike DeWine announces all bars and restaurants in the state of Ohio will close Sunday at 9 p.m. indefinitely. Carry-out and delivery will be allowed. He says this will apply to dine-in options only. Thirty-seven coronavirus cases in Ohio; 11 hospitalized. 

The ages range from 31 to 86. One person sick with the coronavirus in Ohio is a firefighter; Dr. Amy Acton says it is possible that single illness will make the entire department inactive because of exposure. The state will broaden unemployment access for people who are in quarantine. 

DeWine has advised superintendents and school districts to prepare for closures to last more than three weeks. DeWine wants employers to evaluate having as many people as possible work from home. He indicated daycares will eventually be closed. DeWine said he knew the move would put stress on workers and families. However, “Delay means more people will die,” he said. “If we do not act, our healthcare system in the state of Ohio will not hold up."

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