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Daily Buzz: For a More Fulfilling Career, Get a Hobby

Focusing on personal aspirations can make you a better worker

If you’re looking for more fulfillment in your career, develop interests outside of the job. Personal goals and hobbies will enrich your life, enhance your skills, and give you a sense of purpose, writes John Monarch, CEO of ShipChain Inc., in Entrepreneur.

“In today’s workaholic culture, many people worry personal goals are a waste of time—after all, a cool photograph isn’t going to get you that promotion,” Monarch says. “But the reality isn’t so black and white. Your personal goals don’t exist in a vacuum. They have the potential to lead you towards a happier, more fulfilling career and lifestyle.”

Creative pursuits outside of work, such as photography or playing an instrument, can provide perspective. Stressful times at work become easier to handle.

“A long, difficult day at work is much easier to handle if you feel like you’re making progress in other areas of your life,” Monarch says. “Your pursuits can provide a guiding light when nothing else seems to be going right.”

They can also keep you motivated. Setting “combination goals,” pursuits that benefit you personally and professionally, is a great way to keep improving yourself because they provide you with twice the motivation and potential for achievement, Monarch says.

“Your personal life and your work life aren’t completely separate. Just about everyone can set goals that are personal in nature but that also have an application in their career,” Monarch says.

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